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BusinessKids was born from the company Comercio Internacional Mexicano and is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurship in children in a fun way through courses. As a complement to the courses, BusinessKids magazine appeared in July 2013 to provide knowledge to many more children around the country. Each month the magazine has a subject related to the business world and you can find it in Sanborns and Gandhi bookstores.

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Children who feel loved, confident, and encouraged often have high self- esteem. They’re ready to face what the world may bring and more independent. Help your child be confident and happy with these tips.

Self-Esteem Matters for Your Child’s Present and Future

When children feel good and confident about themselves, they can be more successful. They do better in school, have a better social life, and they find it easier to face new challenges. Kids with high self- esteem tend to be more successful as adults as well. If you want your child to feel like they can face the world and achieve their goals, you need to help them feel confident about themselves. Here are some effective ways to help your child be self-assured, happy, and prosperous.

High Self-Esteem vs. Low Self-Esteem

Children with good self-esteem feel capable, accepted, loved, and confident in their abilities. They know they can make mistakes, move on, and get back up. They think positively about themselves and are proud of their work. Whereas, children with low self-esteem are often self-critical, insecure, and lack confidence. They often compare themselves to others and feel unsure about their abilities.

Let Your Child Decide

Kids feel more confident and powerful when they get to make decisions. Teach your child about the possible consequences and let them choose on their own. For instance, once they know the difference between warm and cold weather, they can decide whether or not they will wear their mittens, beanie, and coat to go outside. They’re making their own decisions and taking responsibility for their choices. Letting kids decide helps them be more independent and self-assured.

Point Out Their Abilities and Strengths

Children often focus on their weaknesses and the things they can’t do. It’s normal to compare themselves negatively with their classmates. If your child is feeling down, you should remind them of all the things they are good at and be proud of their achievements.

Encourage Them to Learn Something New

We all feel better about ourselves when we’re comfortable with our abilities and when we learn something new. You should encourage your child to try new things and to get out of their comfort zone. Perhaps they can learn a new language or how to play a musical instrument. Maybe even sign up for a course to work on their leadership skills. Business Kids USA offers entrepreneurial courses for kids. Children learn how to be leaders, improve their self-confidence, and grow their creativity through games and fun activities. Give them a call at (212) 800-2661 to learn all about their entrepreneurial courses for kids in Dallas and how your child can benefit from them.

Let Them Be and Love Them for It

Nobody is perfect. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Making mistakes does not make your child any less valuable or loved. Remind them that no matter what choices they make or actions they take, you will always love them and accept them. Don’t make your love seem conditional on their behavior.

Praise Wisely

You should praise your kid often, but you should do it wisely. Your praise shows your child how proud of them you are. However, recognition should actually be deserved. You need to go about it the right way. Overpraising can backfire. If you tell your child, they played a great game when they know they didn’t make them feel like you’re lying. Instead, you should praise their effort on the game and remind them they can always do better.  Also, telling them, they’re the best and most talented over all other kids will result in very bad news when they discover that’s not true at all.  Lastly, overpraising can make them feel like they don’t need to push themselves to do better because they’re already doing great. Focus on praising the effort rather than a fixed quality. Perhaps your child didn’t get the A they wanted on their exam, but they worked really hard on the process. Let them know you are aware of their effort and encourage them to keep it up.

Be a Mirror

Parents are role models for children. If you don’t feel confident about yourself and comfortable in your own skin, you’re not sending the right message to your child. You need to heal and work on yourself, to be a role model to your kid. Be someone they want to look up to.

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