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BusinessKids was born from the company Comercio Internacional Mexicano and is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurship in children in a fun way through courses. As a complement to the courses, BusinessKids magazine appeared in July 2013 to provide knowledge to many more children around the country. Each month the magazine has a subject related to the business world and you can find it in Sanborns and Gandhi bookstores.

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You can help your child become more independent by teaching them some necessary life skills that will be useful throughout their whole life. Here are some basic things everyone should know how to do.

Life Skills to Give Your Child More Independence

As a parent, you want to be there for your child all the time. You want to make their life easier and not see them struggle in any way. You might do most of the things for them like washing their laundry, making them dinner, waking them up in the morning, and many other things. Doing everything for your children can do more harm than good. They won’t know how to live if you’re not around. Instead of coddling you kid you should help them be more independent by learning some basic life skills like the ones in this article.

Doing Laundry

You’d be surprised at how many adults still don’t know how to wash their clothes. Help your child prepare for life by teaching them how to do it. Even at the young age of six, a child can operate the de washing machine. Walk your kid through the process of measuring and adding the detergent, choosing the settings and starting the device. Remind not to mix whites and colors or run the risk of staining their clothes. It’s fine if they make mistakes, as long as they’re learning.

Manage Their Finances

Many children still think that money grows on trees or that the bank gives it to you for free. They don’t understand the concept of money. Teach them about where money comes from and that you need to work to get it. As they get a bit older, give them an allowance and teach them about saving and spending wisely. Cultivating healthy spending habits when young will help them have an easier time managing their finances alone. Here are some great tips to teach your children about managing money. However, if you want to teach them even more about managing their finances and growing their entrepreneurial skills in a fun environment, sign them up for one of the courses that Business Kids USA offers. Contact them at (212) 800-2661 to learn all about their entrepreneurial courses for kids.

Treating a Wound

Panicking at the sight of blood won’t help everyone. Teach your child not to freak out when they see a wound or blood. Help them learn how to distract themselves from the pain and how to treat their injury, just in case you’re not there to do it for them. Remember they must apply pressure until the bleeding stops, rinse the cut with water, dab a bit of antibiotic ointment, and apply a bandage.

How to Manage Their Time

We can’t get everything done in a day if we don’t organize and prioritize our activities. We follow routines or schedules for a reason, and so should children. Your kid already follows some routines. From getting up in the morning and getting ready for school, doing their work in class, getting home resting, attending after-school activities, doing their homework, getting ready for bed, and so on. You probably guide them along the way. Eventually, they will need to do everything on their own and manage their own time. Let them do it alone from time to time.

Preparing a Simple Meal

Everyone should be able to cook a simple meal, even if it’s just a sandwich. Maybe one day you’ll be running errands and won’t have the time to prepare your child’s dinner so they will have to do it on their own. Invite your youngster into the kitchen to help you out. Give them some tasks or teach them a full-on recipe. Cooking can be a fun learning experience for all.  You never know, maybe you have a Master Chef Junior in your hands.

Be Grateful

Your child should know the importance of being grateful for what they have. We can’t always get everything we want, but we should feel fortunate about what we have and what we don’t. Being bitter about the things they lack will only make your child grow into an angry and unhappy adult.

Choosing to Be Happy

Teach your child that their happiness shouldn’t depend on someone else. Corny as it may sound, happiness comes from within. Teach them that they have the power to be happy and that they shouldn’t let their circumstances dictate how they should feel. Sometimes life won’t go their way, but they should always try to look for the silver lining. Happy children are more confident and successful as well.

Cleaning the Bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom is a job no one likes, but it needs to be done nonetheless. When your child leaves for college, no one will do it for them. Teach them about wiping off the toothpaste from the sink and cleaning the toilet. Big kids can scrub the toilet bowl and the shower with a nontoxic cleaner

Entrepreneurial Courses for Kids in Dallas, TX

If you’re interested in teaching your kid more life skills and how to be more independent, sign them up for a course at Business Kids USA.  Independent children are usually better leaders. Their courses teach about independence, entrepreneurial skills, leadership, marketing, and other valuable subjects while having fun. Learn about their entrepreneurial courses for kids by calling (212) 800-2661.