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BusinessKids was born from the company Comercio Internacional Mexicano and is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurship in children in a fun way through courses. As a complement to the courses, BusinessKids magazine appeared in July 2013 to provide knowledge to many more children around the country. Each month the magazine has a subject related to the business world and you can find it in Sanborns and Gandhi bookstores.

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The ability to imagine new worlds and create fantastic stories is a skill both kids and adults should possess. You can help your child’s creativity grow and remain for a long time all through fun and games.

Leaders and Entrepreneurs Are Creative People

Children are creative creatures by nature. Always making up games and dreaming up stories. Creativity is a trait they should keep throughout their whole life. What would our life be without the creative inventions and explorations of entrepreneurs and trailblazers? If you want your child to be one of these people, you should encourage their creativity. What better way to boost your kid’s creativity and imagination than by having fun and playing games? Business Kids USA brings you this list of games and activities that can help stimulate your child’s creativity.

Nature Walks and Cloud Watching

Most children enjoy playing with mud or running around in the dirt. Encourage your child’s love for nature. Let them explore the outdoors, play with mud, sticks, and rocks, splash in the water, and observe bugs and animals.  While you spend some time outside, take a break from playing and lay down on the ground to watch the clouds. Ask your child what they see. Ordinary things like clouds can become the most extraordinary objects with a bit of imagination.

Dress Up

We all dressed up as kids and made believe we were royalty, part of a rock band, superheroes, and so much more. Your children should do just the same. Playing dress up allows children to go on imaginary adventures. Children don’t need much to create their crazy costumes.

Arts and Crafts

Painting is fun. And not just because you get to create your own pictures. When you paint or color, you can unwind and relax, express your feelings, and communicate your ideas. Besides you can make your own color mixes and try out different styles and techniques. Have crayons, colors, paints, and paper available to let your child explore their artistic side. How about teaching your child handicrafts? Maybe they can give knitting, sewing, sculpting, cooking, or music a try. There are many things they can learn and have fun with. Invite your child to try something new, sign them up for an after class course where they can explore their creative side. You can even consider entrepreneurial courses for kids, where your child can explore their creative side and gain leadership skills. You can call Business Kids USA at (212) 800-2661 to learn about their entrepreneurial courses for kids and the games they use to boost children’s potential.

Make a Movie

Bring the magic of the movies home, by writing, acting, and directing a film at home. Help your child create their own movie and maybe even make it a family project. Everyone at home can have a specific role such as a scriptwriter, director, camera operator, actor, editor, and so on. You can even create original music and costumes. Or recreate your kid’s favorite movie with their own twist.

Become a Superhero

Superheroes are awesome! Ask your child which superpowers they would like to have and what their superhero name she would choose. Go the extra mile and help them design and create their own costume. Using recycled materials or things found at home to make the ensemble promotes creativity even more. Kids enjoy transforming themselves and making up fun stories.


Reading brings all sorts of benefits for children. Books open the doors to magical realms, introduce you to strange creatures, and take you on all sorts of adventures. Books teach you to dream and imagine everything is possible. Needless to say, reading can encourage creativity. But don’t just pick any story. Make sure your child reads high-quality books with excellent plots and cool illustrations.

Make Believe Architecture

Legos are designed for kids aged 4-99! They offer many hours of fun and millions of possibilities. Children can build complex structures, create new characters, and construct new vehicles. Beyond the world of Legos, if your child is interested in architecture, talk to them about what possible changes they can make to their favorite park or buildings. Encourage them to draw up their designs and even make a model from recycled materials.

Enjoy Every Moment

Teach your child to learn to appreciate every day and enjoy every moment. Talk to them about appreciating the little things in life...

Interested in Finding Entrepreneurial Courses for Kids Near You?

Your child’s creativity grows with fun and games. Entrepreneurs and leaders are creative people. Creativity and entrepreneurship are two skills your kid will develop with the courses Business Kids USA has to offer. Learn all about their entrepreneurial courses for kids by calling them at (212) 800-2661.